Revolutionize Manhole Inspections 

Owl Vision Systems Full Powered Elevation on UTV
Full Powered Elevation System using pickup truck


Great Horned Owl

Horned Owl

360° Videos with Virtual Pan-Tilt, and Stitched Images

Precision Level 2 Surveys

  • Owl Vision 6061 aluminum square pole lowering system for 21 feet of descent
  • Smooth lowering without twisting in the poles
  • Tripod mount for adjusting to level
  • Manhole lid mount for above grade manholes
  • Uses the rugged controller setup for POSM Lite, POSM Manhole, or POSM Pro
  • Capture 360-degree equirectangular HD, 2K or 4K video
  • Owl Vision Camera head to provide 360-degree daylight temperature LED lighting
  • Video and Image capture
  • Stitched Flat View of the Manhole
  • Most accurate and highest resolution option we offer

The heart of the Owl Vision Manhole Camera is the Lantern, with video capture, HD to 4K, custom dual lens camera, balanced LED lighting, 360° coverage, precision CNC machined aluminum and O-ring sealed for water resistance. The result is unparalleled video clarity from a device tested to be contractor tough. 

The Owl Vision 360° Manhole Camera comes with either Ring Mount or Tripod Mount options (with a Cable Reel option for deeper inspections available soon). The 360° Manhole Camera Bundle comes standard with the ruggedized control Briefcase and pre-loaded with POSM Manhole Software.