Owl Vision Systems 360° Manhole Camera



A Next Generation Manhole Camera With HD-4K Video And 360° Coverage




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Welcome to Owl Vision Systems, a hardware subsidiary of POSM Software. We’ve leveraged our decades of knowledge and experience to create a next generation manhole camera with sharper, clearer video that makes your inspections easier and more accurate.  


Owl Vision Camera Head Close-Up

The heart of the Owl Vision Manhole Camera is the Lantern, with video capture, HD to 4K, custom dual lens camera, balanced LED lighting, 360° coverage, precision CNC machined aluminum and O-ring sealed for water resistance. The result is unparalleled video clarity from a device tested to be contractor tough. 


Owl Vision Camera System On UTV

The Owl Vision 360° Manhole Camera comes with either Ring Mount or Tripod Mount options (with a Cable Reel option for deeper inspections available soon). The 360° Manhole Camera Bundle comes standard with the ruggedized control Briefcase and pre-loaded with POSM Manhole Software, a specially created version of the program that gives users easy access to the camera’s most useful features:


  • A precise distance counter in real time.
  • Unwrapped stitched video with zoom features any direction, any angle, any clock position.
  • A NASSCO MACP-compatible interface with graphic manhole images.
  • A smooth, twist and sway free descent to 21 feet.
  • Utilizing the 360° Manhole Camera, an experienced operator can perform a level 2 inspection in under 10 minutes. 


The hardside controller Briefcase is a rugged piece of computer equipment bundled with the Owl Vision Manhole 360° Camera and is very versatile.

The Bundle also includes 12 months of access to POSM Software’s industry leading Tech Support (renewed annually). 

We launched Owl Vision in 2022 by unveiling the 360° Manhole Camera at the WWETT Show in Indianapolis to overwhelming positive feedback. This led to a sales and manufacturing partnership agreement with Rausch USA which you can read about by clicking here. Currently, Owl Vision Systems consists of an impressive camera product that raises the bar on manhole inspection camera performance.


Owl Vision Systems: The Power to See in the Dark.



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