Specially Designed Software Interface by POSM Software



Choice Of Three Software Options To Meet Your Needs


POSM Professional

Full Featured Software. Supports all NASSCO, POSM and custom templates.
Use the briefcase with a push camera, mainline camera or the Owl Vision manhole camera.


POSM Manhole
Dedicated manhole inspection. Supports MACP Level 1 and 2 templates as well as POSM templates.


Simplified, basic manhole inspection using POSM Lite template.




Flat View or 360° Video of the Manhole


Flat View or 360 Video of the Manhole

Click here to see more unwrapped manhole scans.

  • Capture in HD up to 4K video.
  • Easy lighting and elevation control.
  • Precise distance counter of 100 counts per foot in real time while recording. Synced for use back in the office (when running POSM Manhole software).



360° Video Options


360 Video Options


Zoom in and out of the video to make observations from any direction, any angle, any clock position.

  • Creates a flat image of the manhole.
  • Gives you virtual pan and tilt in 360° video.
  • Generate observation images for reports.
  • Video capture of infiltration and flow helps you detect issues more accurately.


Click here to see unwrapped manhole videos.



All Fields and Tabs are Pre-labeled with their NASSCO MACP Manual Locations


All Fields and Tabs are Pre-labeled with their NASSCO MACP Manual Locations


100% NASSCO MACP certified.

Precise distance and position is automatically:

  • Tracked live on the monitor.
  • Shown on the video playback.
  • Filled into the office reports.



Save Time by Loading GIS Asset Data from POSM MapReader Into the POSM Session





Custom MACP HTML Reports


Manhole Report


POSM Fault Report 01


POSM Fault Report 02


POSM Fault Report 03


Defect Header Report


Title Page Report