Ruggedized Controller Briefcase




Exploring The Versatility Of The Ruggedized Controller Briefcase


Designed To Run POSM Software

The Briefcase arrives pre-loaded with POSM Manhole, new, specialty software to utilize the best features of the 360° Manhole Camera and streamlined to perform NASSCO MACP or POSM Manhole templated inspections. The software is also compatible with any push camera with a video output. 


The software is also compatible with any push camera with a video output.


The Briefcase also runs POSM Lite or POSM Pro and will connect to a crawler or push camera for a mainline or lateral inspection.


Battle Tested In Extreme Conditions And Temperatures.

The contractor-tough camera will run in the summertime heat, and operate in cold,  snowy weather.


Ports For USB, Ethernet, BNC Video, And Owl Vision Manhole Control. Multitude Of Computer & Video Connection Combinations.

The default configuration comes with waterproof connectors: an external USB 3, the 12VDD Input, the 110VAC input, and optional analog video / distance counter input, plus the 26-pin military-style connector to control the manhole camera recording and the level of descent. Customers can customize additional hookups.


Exceptional contrast for improved sunlight readability.

The monitor built into the Briefcase is military-grade, with a clearly visible image in direct sunlight at a level of clarity that must be seen to be believed.


OVS In Use

Runs On 110Vac Or 12Vdc Input Power Sources.

Either a standard (3-prong) household power outlet or off a vehicle battery.

Designed And Assembled In The USA.

When possible, components were assembled by utilizing products from US-based companies. Each unit is assembled by Owl Vision in our Midwest facility. Every component is plug n play. POSM Tech Support can send spare parts and then talk the customer through installation.

Further Specs.

LCD 18.5" touchscreen, LED Backlighting; Full High-Definition 1920x1080 (1080P) resolution; 2253 Sensoray; USB QSB Quadrature Distance Encoder and software overlay; T6 temper 6061 heat-treated aluminum alloy.

Want to know more about the controller Briefcase or the Owl Vision 360° Manhole Camera Bundle? Contact us and someone from our sales team will be in touch.